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Portable Storage Myths

Portable Storage Myths
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Portable Storage Myths in and near Bonita Springs, Florida

Portable Storage Myths

Portable Storage Units are becoming more widely available. Our Portable Storage Myths page will help you learn what the facts are and what the myths about this type of storage are. It has its place, but you need to match that type of storage with your own personal needs.


Access to your belongings in portable storage units is usually very limited. You will likely need to schedule a time for them to make your portable storage unit available to you. There may be an additional fee each time you access your storage container. This can be inconvenient and costly if you need regular access to your belongings. You have regular access to your belongings every day at Beach Storage LLC, LLC and there are no additional fees or charges. You can set your own schedule, even 24 hours per day if you need.

Storage Location

Portable storage units can be kept at your location or at the storage warehouse. Keeping it at your location is usually only a short term solution. There is no climate control when the storage unit is sitting in your driveway. Security is limited to the construction of the unit and the lock you use. The storage unit is picked up and stored at the storage facility warehouse. This may be some distance from your location. This can create a long trip should you need to access your belongings. Be sure to check with your home owner's association for rules on having a storage unit at your location and any parking restrictions.

Delivery Fees

You may be charged to have your portable storage container dropped off and picked up. If you need to add more items, they usually need to bring the container back to your location. This could involve extra delivery fees. They may allow you to add items once they have the container at their facility, but you would likely need to schedule an appointment. They are likely to charge for giving you access to your container at their facility.


Portable storage has a very limited size selection. They usually don't have small sizes. You will likely need to use multiple units if you need a lot of storage.


Security may be an issue if you use portable storage. The type of security used at the holding warehouse may be unknown. It is also less likely that a manager will be living on site.

We hope this page has helped you understand portable storage a little better. We invite you to stop by Beach Storage LLC, LLC and ask us any other questions you may have. We hope you will see how safe and secure your belongings will be should you choose to store with us. Our experienced staff will help make your storage experience easy and less stressful.

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Storage in Bonita Springs Florida

Storage in Bonita Springs

Portable Storage Myths

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Storage Tips
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Portable Storage Myths
Storage Myths
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