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Storage in Bonita Springs Florida

Self Storage Unit Sizes

Self Storage Unit Sizes
Self Storage Unit Sizes in and near Bonita Springs, Florida

Self Storage in Bonita Springs

You no doubt have a unique and personalized need for household storage; our self storage experts recognize that fact and are more than helpful in aiding and educating you on what self storage unit size will be the best and most economical way to store your household items.  It is important to decide what self storage unit size will be best for you.  The first step is to summarize all of the items that you need to store such as boxes, chairs, beds, etc.  If you come in to see us and bring your summary of items to store or have it stored away mentally, our self storage professionals can help you visualize where different items can go and how different items may be stored to maximize the efficiency of your space.  Please see our list below as a starting point to help you decide what self storage unit size may be the best for you.  Our facility managers will be happy to show you several unit sizes until we find the size that isn’t too big, and isn’t too small, but is juuuuuuuuust right.

Quick Tip:

You may want to invest in a larger self storage unit size if you will need regular access to your belongings so you can provide yourself with an aisle to allow yourself to find what you need quickly and easily.  Somehow, the things we need the most almost always end up on the bottom and in the back!  Otherwise, if you do not need frequent access to your belongings, we suggest that you get the unit that will be the best size for you and we suggest that you stack everything safely and securely, and as high and close together as you possibly can.  See our Tips & Suggestions page for more storage, moving, packing, shipping, lifting, insurance and hurricane storage tips.

Starting Point

Common Storage Needs

Unit Size






Small Closet






These units are comparable to a utility or ski closet in your home and are most often used to pack up records, files, and holiday decorations.  Many seasonal tenants use these units to hide Christmas presents from their children who normally find them before Santa has time to wrap them!  It holds anywhere from 60-80 boxes, which means someone is having a pretty good Christmas!



Walk-In Closet




Most people commonly associate this unit with walk-in closets, and these units will typically hold a mattress, dresser, chairs or a sofa and other miscellaneous boxes, lamps and other smaller items.  Check our Tips & Suggestions to maximize your space!



One Bedroom Home




These are about one half of the size of a one car garage, and can typically hold all of the necessities for a one bedroom condo including the furniture, your boxes and miscellaneous items, and even possibly your appliances.


Two Bedroom Home



These units will hold everything you have in your two bedroom apartment or your small home, and can typically hold all of your furnishings and personal items.



Three Bedroom Home or Automobile




This is the size of most one car garages, and is typically used for automobile storage.  Though it is a large unit, it does not allow for much storage for accessories and other items if you plan to store a car in it.  Otherwise, this unit can typically hold all of your furnishings and personal effects contained in a three bedroom home.

Custom and Commercial Units

We can mix-and-match and combine units to fit your needs, and we have various sizes from 600 square feet to 5,000 square feet if the above descriptions are not large enough for your household or commercial storage needs.  Please call us if you have specific needs and our storage professionals will help get you into a unit that best suits your individual needs.

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Storage in Bonita Springs Florida

Storage in Bonita Springs

Self Storage Unit Sizes
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