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Storage in Bonita Springs Florida

Tape And Stretch Wrap

Tape And Stretch Wrap
Tape And Stretch Wrap in and near Bonita Springs, Florida

Tape And Stretch Wrap for Storage in Bonita Springs

Both Tape and Stretch Wrap will hold your items together, just remember that Tape adheres to everything else, while Stretch Wrap only adheres to itself.  This bit of information is important when considering what it is you would like to hold together, and each item has its very own area of expertise in your moving extravaganza.

Clear Packing Tape

Our Packing Tape is 2 inches by 55 yards per roll.  It is an acrylic self adhesive and is the most popular for sealing moving boxes.  While Packing Tape typically comes in a brown or a clear, we suggest the clear Packing Tape because it can be used to cover and protect labels that you put on your boxes so you can clearly see what is in each box and see which room it goes to.  Our Packing Tape has a 3 inch core which will fit all standard tape dispensers.

Tape Dispenser

A Tape Dispenser is recommended to use while sealing your moving boxes because it makes the Packing Tape easier to cut, easier to apply, and easier to find where you left off on your roll of tape.  The easy grip handle and roller make the dispenser taping boxes effortless and easy to apply to each carton with a good seal.  Cut scissors out of the equation with the blade on the dispenser; you can rapidly seal a box, cut the tape, and move onto the next box or your next project.  We recommend the 3 pack of tape and tape dispenser value pack. It will save you money over purchasing these items separately.

Paper Tape

Paper Tape is perhaps the most user friendly tape.  It is self adhesive, so you don't have to worry about making a mess using water to activate the glue, and the best part is that you can tear it with your hands, so you cut out the expense of the tape dispenser and you don't need any scissors.  All you do is peal, seal, and move on to your next task.  The best part of the Paper Tape is that it is never difficult to see where you left off on your roll.

Stretch Wrap

Composed of polyethylene plastic, Stretch Wrap can be used to hold together just about anything.  The polyethylene plastic has a memory that wants to stretch back to its original size, so as you wrap it around your items; it is pulling back on itself to hold everything together.  Stretch Wrap is great for holding together your more sensitive items that the adhesive qualities on regular tape may damage.  For example, you can use stretch wrap to hold together picture frames or artwork, as well as cover and protect your sofas, chairs, and hold your dresser drawers in during a move.  We have 20 inch Stretch Wrap for your large furniture items, and 5 inch Stretch Wrap for your smaller items you may want bundled together like your bed frames, water skis, or other small bundle items.  Both sizes work great for holding your items together and protect your sensitive items from the damaging aspects of tape adhesive.

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Storage in Bonita Springs Florida

Storage in Bonita Springs

Tape And Stretch Wrap
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