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Storage near the beach in Bonita Beach, FL

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Storage in Bonita Springs Florida

Vehicle Storage

Vehicle Storage
Vehicle Storage in and near Bonita Springs, Florida

Vehicle Storage in Bonita Springs

Your vehicles either tread pavement, or splash in the waves; either way, we have storage available for your vehicle, whether you are a snowbird looking for indoor storage for your car to protect it from the harmful summer sun, or a water bug, who’s home owner’s association will not allow you to park your grown-up water toys in the yard.  Our facility can store anything from your residential vehicle to multiple commercial vehicles.  We have the ability to accommodate your automotive needs as well as your motorcycles, ATV’s, trailers, boats, wave runners, classic cars, and RV’s.  We have indoor storage available to protect your vehicle from the damage caused by the sun, wind, and rain, or outdoor storage with washout hoses and power hook ups for your water vehicles that you are welcome to use free of charge.  Those are just two of our free services associated with automotive storage.  We are also happy to start your car once a month for you to ensure the longevity of your battery as well as charge your battery for you should it die and inflate your tires should they lose air.  These services are just a quick phone call away!  You can certainly trust Beach Storage LLC to protect and care for your automotive storage needs.

Auto Storage

We understand the extra care you want to provide for your car, especially if you are a car collector, are going away for an extended period of time, or just want to protect your everyday vehicle from hurricane winds in our secure facility.  Car collectors find our car storage facility to be especially helpful in protecting their prized cars from damaging sun rays, rain, and windblown projectiles.  If you’re a snowbird, our car storage is perfect for you as well as we can either store your car in an outside storage spot, an indoor climate controlled space, or in an indoor non-air space.  The airport taxi can take you right from our facility to the airport and right back.  It is an especially easy way to inexpensively protect your car while you are gone.  Many of our year-round clients rent units when we have a hurricane coming through to protect their cars from wind and projectiles, and they also store their extra canned food, water, and other emergency supplies in case of a catastrophe.  No matter what your need may be, we can certainly take good care of you over here at Beach Storage LLC for all of your car storage needs.

Boat and Jet Ski Storage

During season our outside storage lot is packed with boats and WaveRunners from people looking to enjoy the best of what Southwest Florida has to offer in ocean playtime.  Many people choose to store the boats and WaveRunners with us not only because of our customer service and our facility, but also because of our location!  We are less than a half mile from the Imperial River Boat Ramp, and only approximately 4.5 miles from the boat ramp at Lover’s Key.  No other facility can offer location convenience that we can.  If you’re a snowbird, our boat and WaveRunner storage is perfect for you as we can either store your boat or WaveRunner in an outside storage spot, an indoor climate controlled space, or in an indoor non-air space.  What this means to you, is that you keep your Home Owners Association happy, and you still have access to your boat or WaverRunners at your whim.  For your convenience you also have free access to outlets for any of your electronic needs for your boat, as well as water spickets for clean up and washout after your day on the water.

Trailer Storage

Many residential neighborhoods and HOA’s discourage or forbid the parking of trailers on lawns or driveways, and many trailers don't fit inside single car garages.  If you fit into one of these categories, we have three options for you to fit your budget.  Climate controlled storage is great if you need to store other items that require climate controlled storage with your trailer, otherwise air conditioning is most likely unnecessary.  Indoor storage will protect your trailer from wind, rain, and the sun’s harmful rays, and it is great if you have an open utility trailer that holds your tools or other supplies, otherwise we have simple outdoor storage for your immediate access.  Depending on your need for security, if you have an open or closed trailer, we can find a storage solution that will best fit your needs.

Truck Storage

If your truck does not fit into your garage and your neighborhood restricts truck parking, we can assist you with your truck storage needs.  We offer three types of truck storage.  We have climate controlled storage indoors, non-air indoors, and outdoor parking.  The level of protection from our harsh SWFL climate will determine what type of storage is best for you, and we are happy to help you find the best solution for your truck storage needs.

RV Storage

RV ownership can be expensive, and you’ve most likely devoted a lot of time and invested a lot of money in your family’s RV.  Our facility is the best way to protect your investment.  Our indoor climate controlled units are a great way to protect your RV belongings and keep all the items you have stored in your RV cool and dry.  This is the type of storage you want for your bedding, mattresses, clothing and other assorted items as it will best protect your belongings from mold and mildew.  Outdoor storage allows for washing your RV and having access to power outlets if necessary.  Whichever way you choose to protect your investment, we are happy for help you find an RV storage solution that best suits your needs.

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Storage in Bonita Springs Florida

Storage in Bonita Springs

Vehicle Storage
Beach Storage LLC
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