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Storage in Bonita Beach Florida

Furniture Storage

Furniture Storage
Furniture Storage in and near Bonita Beach, Florida

Furniture Storage in Bonita Beach

Furniture.  It’s big, it's bulky, it's a pain in the behind to move, and it's expensive, but no one likes sleeping, sitting, or eating on the floor, so it's all necessary.  You’ve most likely invested quite a bit of money in your furniture and are holding onto some of it for your kids for college, have had some passed down to you from your parents or grandparents, or just plain don't have enough room for it in your home anymore but know it will be necessary in the future.  Whether your storage needs are short term or long term, when you are storing indoor furniture, it is always a good idea to consider climate controlled storage.  Beach Storage LLC is an excellent option if you are going to hang onto your excess furniture for future use.  Our facility is equipped to safely preserve and protect your belongings from the SWFL heat and humidity.  Our climate controlled facility will protect your wooden items from warping, your cushions and linens from accumulating mold and mildew, and your expensive artwork from being ruined.  You will not be disappointed with our service.

How do I Protect My Furniture?

When you store your furniture with your other personal effects during your move, you will certainly want to protect it from scratching, scuffing, and dust from your move.  We typically recommend using a mattress bag, sofa cover, chair cover, or drop cloth with your climate controlled unit to protect your furniture during the move and while in storage.  You can always stack your dressers or nightstands, but be careful of scratching the surfaces; we have paper pads and moving blankets available in the front office to provide your furniture with added protection.  Another good way to protect your dressers, cabinets and entertainment centers during your move is to use stretch wrap to ensure that your drawers and cupboards don't swing open and get damaged while in transit.

Furniture is Big. How Do I Save Space in My Unit?

Our self storage professionals will be happy to help you visualize the best way in which to stack and store your furniture.  Floor space is valuable when you are storing your belongings, and it is not always necessary to use all of it to store your furniture.  Most of the time, it is possible to put a couch on end, stack dressers or night stands, and store small boxes or linens inside the drawers or doors of your dressers, refrigerators, or ovens.  We do not always recommend that you store your sleeper sofa on end as the weight may be too much for the frame and damage the couch.  Also, be sure to take your linens and other items out of your refrigerators and ovens before use!  Please feel free to ask our staff any questions you may have regarding your furniture storage and we will be happy to suggest tips to store and preserve your furniture.

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Storage in Bonita Beach Florida

Storage in Bonita Beach

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