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Storage in Bonita Beach Florida


Movers in and near Bonita Beach, Florida

Local Movers in Bonita Beach

If you are staying within your state and moving less than 100 miles away from your current location, you are considered to be moving locally.  Any move is a lot of work, no matter how far you go.  Paying for experienced help can be very pricey; however, it can provide less work for you and your family, as well as less stress.  Just remember that the work you do and the cost of your move are inversely proportional; the more moving and packing that you do by yourself, with family, or with friends, the less your move will cost.  Remember that most movers charge by the hour.  See this section for tips on how to save money on your move and other tips and suggestions to make it easier for you.  Please do not hesitate to call us at any time, as we have a lot of experience with moving and we may be able to offer some very helpful suggestions and tips if we hear more details on your move.  We may also be able to let you know if we know anyone or have ever used the mover you have chosen to provide you with a degree of comfort with the company that will be handling your belongings.

How Do I Pick a Good Moving Company?

  • Go with what is tried and true.  Ask your friends for referrals and find out who had the best experience with what company.
  • Be sure that they are licensed and insured.
  • Ask them for a reference from a previous client.
  • Go to Safersys.org to verify their Department of Transportation license number.
  • See if the Better Business Bureau has listed anything that may cause problems down the line.
  • Be sure that they have the tools and experience to move Jacuzzis, pianos, pool tables, or any other large items you may have; and don't forget to ask if they cost more to move, you certainly don't want any surprise charges on the day of your move.
  • Get a good grasp of what they are charging you.  For example, do they charge more for stairs?  Do they charge more if the distance from the truck to the home is over 75 feet?  Do they charge extra for travel time?
  • How do they charge?  By the hour, or by the pound?
  • What does their insurance include?  How do they handle broken or misplaced items?
  • Is their truck big enough to fit all your stuff in one trip?  You don't want to pay extra for extra trips.
  • Are their workers professional full-timers or day laborers?

I Need Help Packing and Unpacking

As we pointed out earlier, the more you do yourself, the less the move will cost you.  If you are going to pack all of your items and have the movers just move the boxes for you, the moving company will not be likely to accept responsibility for something that you packed yourself.  This is why most people that hire packers will only pack the items like books, clothing, bedding, and pans that are not easily damaged and leave the fragile items for the professionals.  Moving is always an excellent opportunity to go through your items and figure out what it is that you actually, truly need and want to have with you.  Should you find a lot of items that you no longer need to have, but others may find useful, you can always contact your local Goodwill, give to a charity, or have a yard sale to help you with the cost of your move. We have a unit available for charitable donations. When it comes time to unpack, your mover can typically help you with this as well, or you can find local help at your destination to aid in your unpacking.

Their Truck or Yours…

If you hire a moving company for a local or national move, they will almost always have their own truck, however, if you are doing more of the work yourself and you just need a hand with the heavier items, then you may be responsible for furnishing the truck.  If you hire someone with their own truck, make sure they have a large enough truck for your belongings so you don't have to pay the labor on multiple trips.  Some of our clients have even been known to follow the movers to be sure that they don't take the long route if they are being paid hourly.  At Beach Storage LLC, we offer a Free Truck Rental with you move-in to your storage unit.  We do not charge for hours used, dollies, furniture blankets, miles, nor for the fuel used.  Please be sure to give us a call for more information.  Many companies that rent trucks will often charge extra for insurance, mileage, and moving tools such as dollies, hand carts, and blankets. Call for details about our Free truck rental program.

What if I Need Help Loading & Unloading the Truck?

If you’ve hired a local mover, they will typically load their truck with your items from your current location, and then unload them at your new destination.  However, if you are moving your items by yourself, you may want to contact a moving company to hire a helper.  While student help or day labor may be inexpensive, you lose the experience that a professional mover may have.  That experience may be helpful in packing your items into the truck as well as packing your items into boxes.  Professional movers know how to pack delicate items and wrap them so they do not break, chip, or crack while in transit.  They can be especially helpful with heavy items as well.  If your destination is far away, you may want to look into local movers in your new location to help you unload your items.  At Beach Storage LLC, we have a lot of experience with moving and movers, so please do not hesitate to give us a call with the details of your move and we will be happy to assist you in any way we possibly can.

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Storage in Bonita Beach Florida

Storage in Bonita Beach

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