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Storage in Bonita Beach Florida

Moving Boxes

Moving Boxes
Moving Boxes in and near Bonita Beach, Florida

Moving Boxes in Bonita Beach

Since you’re on this page, you’ve most likely moved at least once before, and we know as well as you that moving can be quite an exasperating escapade.  We understand the frustration of taking a step back, looking at ALL the items in your home, and feeling overwhelmed thinking about how in the world you’re ever going to get grandma’s china, your artwork and pictures, and all dish and glassware - along with all the other nick-knacks accumulated over the years - packed and protected into storage boxes.  Well, we’re here to help.  The goal of this storage website is to help relieve some of the stress of moving by providing the proper information for you to make educated choices for your packing needs.  Below, we offer suggestions from our personal experiences over the years as well as provide a list and description of boxes and supplies that will make your move run more smoothly.  Please click on our Packing Supply List for a checklist of every packing item we have to offer.

Will Boxes Provide the Best Protection for My Items?

There are many options for the storage and protection of your items, and in our experience, we’ve found boxes to be the best and most convenient means of packaging and protection; and we’ve seen people store their items in anything from the lightweight, difficult to stack, nightmare to organize garbage bags, to the heavy, awkward to handle, and difficult to label steel trunks.  We feel that you will agree that cardboard boxes are the best option as they are easily stackable, easy to label (and re-label for that matter), easy to organize, and easy to give to a neighbor or store to reuse for another move since they fold up so neatly. 

As you can imagine, the quality of cardboard boxes varies as it does with everything else you purchase.  For your packaging and storing needs, imagine how much more comfortable you will feel knowing that you have purchased a box that won’t burst or crush causing an entire tower or row of boxes to collapse.  When choosing the correct box for your needs, be sure to locate boxes with an Edge Crush Test of a minimum of 32 lbs per square inch, as well as a Burst Test that can withstand at least 200 lbs of pressure per square inch.  All four boxes below fit a minimum of these criteria if not more, so you can certainly be comfortable purchasing boxes from us to protect your belongings.  These can typically be found right on most boxes, however, you can always ask one of our friendly staff any questions or concerns you may have.  If you are curious about more information on Edge Crush Tests and Burst Tests, we have provided a section at the bottom of the page for fun facts to impress your friends or maybe just provide you with some interesting trivia that you can use if you’re ever on a game show!

Quick Box Tips

Imagine playing Tetris the game LIVE!  Only, the rows don't disappear…  This is exactly like packing a moving truck or a storage unit.  Lots of boxes means lots of stacking, so it is typically more convenient to get most of your boxes in just one size.  And since those rows of boxes don't disappear, remember to put your heavier boxes on the bottom to avoid crushing or toppling of stacks.  Using packing paper, for example, to pack your boxes full, typically helps to avoid these types of accidents as most of these problems occur when items shift in less full boxes during transportation.

How Do I Know What Size Boxes to Purchase?

Whether you’re just packing up a few items for storage or packing up an entire home or condo, you will most likely need to purchase more than one type of box.  Though we do have specialty boxes for your lamps, golf bags, and other items, we have four standard box sizes that suit most needs.  Listed below are their sizes, specifications, and descriptions of the best use for each one.  These are not the only boxes we have available, so be sure check out our sections on Lamp and Golf Bag Boxes, to Picture and Wardrobe Boxes or simply inquire with one of our friendly, trained, storage professionals.

1.5 cubic feet - Small Storage Box 16x12.5x12.5

This is our #1 seller.  It is optimal for books, DVD’s, and most of all heavy things.  We say that this box saves backs!  Imagine how much confidence you’ll move with when you know that no box is too heavy for you!  Trust us, your back will thank you later.  Due to its size, it is difficult to over-pack this box, and thus reduces the risk of a back injury during a move.  On top of that, since they are small, they are very easy to handle, stack, store, and even reuse later!  Dish and Glass Sets also fit in these boxes in order to protect your dishes and glasses during transit or storage.  The pre-printed labels will make it easier to find something while you have the boxes in storage or organize your boxes in different rooms as you move to a new location as you unpack. 

3.1 cubic feet - Medium Storage Box 18x18x16

People tend to purchase Medium Size Moving Boxes for general purpose items that do not tend to weigh very much.  This box is typically used for clothing, bedding, kitchen items, and small kitchen appliances.  Since this box is a little larger, it can be easier to over-pack than the Small Moving Box; when using this box, please be sure to only pack what you can lift easily to reduce the risk of back injuries.  Our Medium Size Moving Box also has the pre-printed labels to help you organize your items in storage or in your new location, and it also has an Item List area to write down exactly what you have put in your box so you don't need to worry about playing guess-and-check with all of your moving boxes.  Imagine how much time these labels will save you when you can just look at what is in them instead of opening each one, and re-sealing all the wrong guesses!

4.5 cubic feet - Large Storage Box 24x18x18

Our Large Size Moving Box is popular for items such as pillows, bulky bedding, lamps and lamp shades, silk plants, and other bulky, lightweight items.  Pay special attention to the items you pack in this box as it can be easy to over-pack.  Since it is a larger box, it can be difficult to handle if there are too many heavy items; over-packing boxes and poor lifting techniques are the #1 cause of back problems during a move.  Please be sure to check our Packing Tips and Lifting Tips sections for suggestions to help make your move easier.  The Large Size Moving Box also has pre-printed labels to designate which room it belongs in and what items you are protecting in it.

6.0 cubic feet - Extra Large Storage Box 6.0 cubic feet 24x24x16 (adjustable height)

The Extra Large Size Moving Box is very comparable to the Large Size Moving Box; it is used for large comforters, large lamp shades, bigger silk plants, and your other lightweight, bulky items that do not fit into the Large Size Moving Box.  The Extra Large Size Moving Box has scored sides, which is an additional feature that makes it easier for manageable bending of the sides of the box if you need to reduce the height to fit your item(s) more suitably.  Using Packing Paper to fill up the extra, empty space in your box will help prevent damage caused by shifting during the moving process.

Game Show Trivia!

The Edge Crush Test and the Burst Test, also known as the Mullen Test, are two specifications you do not want to overlook while selecting the right boxes for your move.  The Edge Crush Test specifies the ability of a cardboard box to withstand force while stacked on its edge.  Moving boxes should not have an Edge Crush Test of less than 32 pounds per square inch; although boxes with a weaker rating may be less expensive, a weaker Edge Crush Test rating will increase the risk of damage to your items. 

The Burst Test ratings are similar; it gauges the amount of force necessary to burst the side of a moving box, which determines its stability during a move.  If moving boxes have less than a 200 pound per square inch Burst Test, it is likely that they will not hold up during a move.  These boxes, like the weaker Edge Crush Test rating, may also be less expensive and can be found at 150 pound per square inch test, however, these boxes are actually 46% weaker, and we never suggest the use of these boxes for moving or storage.

Shopping List for Moving Supplies

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Storage in Bonita Beach Florida

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Moving Boxes
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