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Storage in Bonita Beach Florida

RV Storage

RV Storage
RV Storage in and near Bonita Beach, Florida

RV Storage in Bonita Beach

RV ownership can be expensive, and you’ve most likely devoted a lot of time and invested a lot of money in your family’s RV.  Our facility is the best way to protect your investment.  Our indoor climate controlled units are a great way to protect your RV belongings and keep all the items you have stored in your RV cool and dry.  This is the type of storage you want for your bedding, mattresses, clothing and other assorted items as it will best protect your belongings from mold and mildew.  Indoor non-air storage is an excellent option as well as it protects your RV from the sun, wind, and rain.  Outdoor storage is great for washing your RV and having access to power outlets if necessary.  Whichever way you choose to protect your investment, we are happy for help you find an RV storage solution that best suits your needs.

What Type of RV Storage Is Best for Me?

Indoor Climate Controlled – This is by far the best type of storage for several reasons.  First of all, your RV is inside a building, and away from the damaging effects of the harsh Southwest Florida sun, rain, wind, and hurricane produced projectiles.  Secondly, with a climate controlled unit, you do not risk any mold or mildew because we keep the air cool and dry enough that it does not grow.  The climate controlled unit is most often used for household items for this reason, and many people elect to store other items such as mattresses, clothes, or other belongings that require climate controlled storage with their RV’s.  The third reason is security.  Once you lock your garage, you are the only one with a key.  We have 16 cameras on site as well as a live-in manager.  If climate controlled storage is the best for you, please contact our sister facility just down the road from us. 

Indoor Non-Air – These units are typically used for items that are neither temperature nor humidity sensitive such as patio furniture, tools, etc.  This is also a good option for your RV as the non-air units also protect your car from the elements.  If you are a snowbird, this is especially important during the summer to protect your RV from the sun and windborne projectiles from hurricanes.  The most important thing about indoor non-air storage is that you are in a gated, secure facility and your RV, which you are sure to have invested a lot of money in, will be safe from the Southwest Florida environment and safe from anyone who may want to break into your RV as you are the only one with your pass code number and your key. If indoor non-air storage is the best for you, please contact our sister facility just down the road from us. 

Outdoor RV Storage – This type of storage is perfect for RV storage or for those vehicles that home owner’s associations prohibit from parking in your front yard.  Your RV will be in a gated facility with cameras, pass code entry and in a well lit area.  Outdoor storage is a very economical way to store your vehicles to keep them safe and secure in a gated facility. The manager lives on the property and walks the property a number of times each day.

Free Services

We offer several free services when you store your RV with us.  We are happy to start your RV once a month for you to ensure the longevity of the battery as well as circulate the fluids and prevent seals from drying out.  Should your battery drain during storage, we are happy to charge it for you or jump it to get it going.  Should your tires run low on air, we are happy to use our air-compressor to fill your tires to the proper levels for you.  If your vehicle has any special needs, please let us know how we can better serve your needs.

Is There a Special Way to Prepare My RV for Storage?

The amount of preparation you do to your RV before you store it can depend on the duration of your storage.  If you are storing your RV for a longer period of time, it may be a good idea for you to consider many of the items on the list.

Exterior – Even if you are planning to store your RV for a short period of time, you may consider washing and waxing your RV to remove any excess bug or bird residue as leftover remains may damage the finish to your RV.  Be especially wary of love bugs left on your bumpers.  Some dead bugs can cause pitting or etching in your finish due to the acidity in their systems.  While an RV cover will keep dust from accumulating on your RV, it is typically much more important for outside storage as it protects your RV from sunshine and fading.

Interior – Especially if you are storing outside, you will want to be sure that you vacuum and remove all food crumbs and wrappers to avoid any unwanted critters invading your RV.  Also, be sure that your RV carpet and seats are dry before you park it and close the windows as this may cause mold and mildew to accumulate in your RV.  This is especially important if you are storing outside or in a non-air unit.  Climate controlled units help prevent this from happening.  Should you have a wet carpet, you may want to invest in a product such as Damp Rid to suck up the moisture in your RV.

Fuel – Fill the tank, but not to the point that it is overfull.  This will prevent moisture from creating rust and corrosion if you are storing your RV for a long period of time.  If you plan to store your car for a very long time, you may want to consider looking into a fuel stabilizer such as STA-BIL.  Be sure to thoroughly read the directions, however, it is typically a good idea to drive at least ten miles after adding the STA-BIL to thoroughly circulate the fluids in your engine.

Tires – If you are using RV storage for an extended period you may consider adding about ten pounds of pressure to ensure flat spots do not grow.  Should they develop, they typically disappear after several miles.  We are happy to fill your tires for you on site for free.

Battery – There are two schools of thought on how one should protect their battery while using RV storage.  Typically, disconnecting your battery will help save your charge, however, if you do this, you will need to reset your radio stations that you saved as well as your clock.  Some clients leave their battery plugged in so the electronics retain power, but this diminishes the charge in the battery.  We are happy to periodically charge your battery, and we do not charge you a fee for this service.  Which ever school of thought you are enrolled in, it is a good idea to clean the battery terminals before using RV storage.  Grease or battery terminal spray will help thwart corrosion.

Oil – Due to the acid, moisture, and other contaminants in oil, you may want to consider putting in a new oil filter and getting an oil change if you are storing your RV for an extended period of time.  You will want to circulate the oil by driving your RV at least ten miles before storing.

Windshield wipers – Removing your windshield wipers will prevent them from developing a permanent curve.  This may be a good idea for you if you are storing your RV for an extended period of time.

Since everyone’s RV is different, it is a good idea to check your owner’s manual for other things that may be specific or unique to your RV. 

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Storage in Bonita Beach Florida

Storage in Bonita Beach

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